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Welcome to Cardiology Specialist of Orange County (CSOC)

Our philosophy at CSOC is simple: Dedication to our patients and the community; we serve in promoting wellness by treating and preventing heart disease in a caring and supporting atmosphere with current knowledge and state of the art equipment.

CVRiskCalc Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

The Cardiac Risk Calculator, by Foundation of Informed Medical Decision Making, can estimate your chances of a cardiac event and what elements can be controlled.

Saving one heart at a time..... We don't miss a beat!

Cardiology Specialists of Orange County is now more personal then ever. Our independant physicians as well as our friendly staff are dedicated to ensure quality cardiac services at all of our office locations. We are committed to patient care, with a focus on the individual patient needs. We emphasize PREVENTION of heart disease. We provide comprehensive cardiac evaluations. We help manage your cardiovascular health by offering various treatment options. We help improve your quality of life. We are service oriented and patient advocates.

Website Updated

In our continuing efforts to better serve our patients, our website has undergone an update. We will be continuing to add information so we may further improve communications with patients and referring physicians. Feel free to email our Web Administrator to make a suggestion or if you encounter any issues.
ICANL Accreditation:

Non-Invasive Laboratory located in Santa Ana, CA, was granted accreditation by the ICANL. The laboratory is one of the first nuclear cardiology laboratories in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico to be so recognized for its commitment to high quality patient care and its provision of quality diagnostic testing. Click here for the complete Press Release.

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